KidBox: Is it worth it?

KidBox is a subscription box similar to Stitchfix. You fill out a style survey and they send your children some outfits and you can either keep the whole box at a discounted rate OR return it for no cost (you can also keep separate pieces of clothing as well). They offer a baby box (newborn-24 months), Kids (2T-14;boys sizes go up to 16), and they are now offering a kidsentials box which is $30 and includes socks and underwear.

 I love to try out these boxes to let you guys know if it worth it or not. I DID purchase this with my own money and KidBox has no idea I am reviewing it!!

Here is what was in Molly’s KidBox back to school box.

There was also another shirt inside as well as a pair of leggings. The leggings did not fit her (which I can return for different size) and the shirt she had worn already before I took these photos. For $98 she received 2 long sleeve shirts, 2 short sleeve shirts, a denim button up, a pair of leggings and a pair of jeans. TOTALLY WORTH the money. I was SO pleasantly surprised with the back to school box, and if they offer to purchase another one, I will! 

The baby box is, in my opinion not worth the money. This box is $68 if you keep everything and I dont feel like the price is right since babies grow so quickly. I’d love too see it become more casual with more necessary pieces. The clothes is adorable though , but I cant see spending $30 on a outfit for my 2 month old.
All in all, the KidBox subscription is totally worth it. I am going to purchase the Kidscential box soon and will update you on what we think of that. 
If you’d like to order a KidBox click HERE and you will received $25 off your first purchase. Its absolutely worth a try! 


Is FabFitFun Worth it?

I have been in the subscription box world for quite a few years now. My amazing friend over HelloSubscritpion and I worked hard to create a directory WAY back in 2013. There were about 75 boxes, and now theres thousands. If you’re into subscription boxes make sure you go check her site out!!

I may be a little late to the party, but FabFitFun is a seasonal subscription box that I started receiving (I purchased this with my own money) in the Spring. My second box got delivered a few weeks ago and I have been sitting on it because I couldn’t stop thinking if it was worth the money or not. For $49.99 you get over $200 in products. Your first box is always the editors box, which is a bit different then other monthly boxes.

So…Is it worth it?

This is what I received in my Summer 2018 box excluding the Postscript wallet (Molly snatched it right from the box when it came). The products add up to $335 in retail value, so YES it is worth it!! I absolutely love subscription boxes because you get to try the products while spending a lot less than you would retail! 
FabFitFun always comes in ADORABLE boxes. I truly love this subscription I feel like I am getting a gift ! Although I am not going to review all of the products in the box, I wanted to share what I received and how much they are in retail value. 

Jaboneria Marianella Body Caviar ($48)

COOLA Classic Face SPF 50 White Tea ($32)

tarte Pro To Go Eyeshadow Palette ($23)

As you can see, this box is SO worth it. If you’d like to try the box and get $10 you may use the following link HERE

Skoshbox June Review

I love to try new and exciting food, especially from other countries! Skoshbox was kind enough to send me a nice box full of goodies! If you don’t know what Skoshbox is, it is a new monthly subscription box, that sends you goodies from Japan! This box is just awesome! 
Here’s my first look! This box was packed full, and I was super excited!
Here is their information card.
All of the goodies!
-Marble Chocolate: Candy covered chocolate similar to M&Ms

-Look Chocolate: Chocolate bars with a green tea filling, and two savory centers, milk and azuki.
– Koalas March: Chocolate cream filled cookies. 

-Kaki No Tane: A mix of spicy crackers and peanuts. 

-Senbei: A classic rice cracker. Crispy and seasoned with soy sauce
-Orange bubble gum: A classic fruity favorite with kids in Japan.

-Choco Ball: A bite size chocolate call with almond in the center.

-Milk hard candy: has a milkshakey taste

-Haichu: A soft chewy fruit candy

Umaibo: A puffed corn snack that comes in an array of flavors including takoyaki, shrimp & Mayonnaise, pizza and curry.
I am so excited to taste test all of these items! Go check out Skoshbox. You wont want to miss out!
Use code PIDAL21 for a mystery gift in your first box (this code expires July 15th)
**This box was provided for review. No compensation was received. All opinions are my own.

Pop Sugar Must Have June Review

I have to say, I love my Pop Sugar Must Have box! I think I enjoy it so much because it is filled with stuff I would never buy myself, BUT I would love to try, so its nice to be able to spoil yourself sometimes! For 37.00 a month you receive items chosen from the editors, that are that months favorite. The June Box is filled with Summer finds!
 “Whether you’re on a boat or simply ready to add a nautical pop to your wardrobe. we have the scarf you need this June. We all have whats bound to be the hottest new Summer reading release to keep you entertained an a workout to get your ready to hit the beach or pool. Keep your skin feeling fresh with this moisturizer, and breath fresh to help an amazing cause. Happy June!”
(Please excuse the lighting, in these Photos!)
Here are all the items in the box! Full this month! 
The snack this month was Fit Popcorn(5.00): With 40 calories or fewer per cup, this is an additive snack you don’t have to feel guilty about. 
Gorjana & Griffin Zuma Scarf (62.00): LOVE this! I am still not too sure how to put it on, because it would be used as a sarong also, but i absolutely love the color! “Pair it with a t-shirt and jeans for daytime, or at least add some personality to your go-to sundress for the season.”
Along with this scarf they included a 25.00 coupon code for Gorjana & Griffin. Can’t wait to check it out!
Juice Beauty Stem Cell Repair Moisturizer (65.00): This is a Moisturizer which is infused with vitamin C and grape seed. It is proven to reduce fine lines and fights skin of aging (score!) There are also two CC cream samples, which I am so excited to try!

Revenge Wears Prada: The Devil Returns  (16.00) : This will be an awesome Beach read for Cape Cod next month! Can’t wait! 
Hard Candy Fitness DVD, Addicted to Sweat 4 (19.99): I can always use a good workout DVD! I’ll keep you updated on how good this one is! It is one of Madonna’s go-to workouts! 
Not pictured: Because I took it with me to the ZOO yesterday, and forgot to snap a picture were the Project 7 Quench The Thirsty Wintergreen Mints (2.00). They were awesome tasting, and I love that this is helping to provide clean water to people in need!
This box was worth approximately 165.00 (not including the Coupon code!) Well worth the 37 dollars spent! I love this box, if you are interested in checking Pop Sugar Must have out, Click HERE
**This post contains affiliate links! All opinions are my own.

Nature Box May Review

Nature Box is a really great box (**) that sends you monthly healthy snacks right to your doorstep. You get 5 full size packages for 19.95 a month (but you can get more packages for a slight increase in price.) I tried Nature box about 3 months ago in the mail, and loved it. I was planning on keeping it, but then decided to go on a strict budget that it did not fit into, so i decided to cancel. From what i remember I cancelled the service through e-mail (which is now not available, you have to call.) I got an e-mail a few days ago stating that I’d be receiving a box in mail. I was very confused so I called the company. I misplaced the e-mail, so It was my mistake, the e-mail stated that i would be taking a brief break in the subscription and it would start up again in May.

I wouldn’t be disappointed but the woman on the phone was extremely rude to me. She told me that the e-mail states that I should be receiving a box this month and I should keep better track of things, and that I shouldn’t be asking for free things. I did not think that was necessary. I even said to her, I am not calling to get a free box, I’m calling to figure out where I made the mistake. I did not even ask for a refund!! I was willing to pay for it, I just forgot about it!! To say the least, I cancelled my subscription and unfortunately because of this woman will not be going back to this box (and it is unfortunate because i REALLY like it!!)

I would absolutely recommend this box to people, so for their costumer service to be rude really bugs me!! So…Lets get to the review, because the products are awesome.

I received the picnic season box. It included 5 full size bags! 

-BBQ Kettle kernels ( my husband loves these!)
-Cheery Ganache Granola (this sounds amazing, i cant wait to try it!)

-Salsa Spiced Nut Mix
-Peanut Butter Nom Noms ( love the name of this!)

-Guacamole Bites

-All the products together!
**It really is a wonderful box! I just talked to a woman that was in a bad mood I guess! 
If you are interested in Nature Box click HERE!

MistoBox Review

A few months ago, I heard about Mistobox, I had to try it. I’m all about trying new coffee, and when i heard you could try it for 5.00 a month, I was sold! I ordered it, and I received an e-mail notification that the box was sent (for April) So I waited and waited…and waited…and waited. Finally it had been over 2 weeks and it will still in the same place so I e-mailed the company. 

A very nice Samantha e-mailed me back and said she would get another box sent out right away. I then received an e-mail a day later from another person saying that I wouldn’t be getting the April box, I’d be getting the May box. I was very confused. I e-mailed them back, and Samantha assured me that the box would be here. About a week or more later it showed up. I loved it, but I didn’t review it because I was disappointed in the service. 

A few days ago, I received another e-mail saying that the May box would be sent shortly. I was very surprised and e-mailed them right away because the 15.00 wasn’t in my budget. They got back to me right away, and told me they were sending me the May box, and I would only be charged the 5.00 for the first box. I was very impressed! A day later the box arrived on my doorstep. So here is my Mistobox review FINALLY! 

The box is so cute! Its small, and sturdy enough to reuse! 

Here’s my first look! I love the red tissue paper. 
This is the pamphlet that comes inside! This month the coffee was from different parts of the world where they grow! Central America, Asia/Pacific, South America and Africa. It also gives you a little detail about the coffee in that specific region. 
It then goes into detail on each specific brand of coffee. Which is nice, to know how they say it is going to taste, etc!

Each Month you receive 4 samples of coffee. They are whole beans so you need a coffee grinder (which I don’t have,but will be getting-ha) 

Once I purchase a coffee grinder, I will absolutely be trying all of these coffee’s. I’d say each pouch will give you 2-4 cups of coffee! I love this box, and when the time comes I will absolutely be re-subscribing!! 
If you are interested in Mistobox, check them out! You can get started for just 5.00! 

Conscious Box May Review

Alright, who gets Conscious box, and who is pleased with them? I got my first box last month, and I did not love it. I just thought it was okay. I contacted them and cancelled and I still got this months box. I did not get charged for it, but i e-mailed them four times already stating that I cancelled my order and i truly hope I don’t get charged. That being said, I have to say I am not a big fan of this box. People out there just love it.They think it is the best thing going, I on the other hand think it is alright. The box price is 19.95. 
I figured I would do a review on the products inside this box, just to show you what is in the box, and to see what people thought. I have never tried any of these products, so I am mostly going to be just showing you pictures. 

I DO like their packaging. I like their little boxes, and they always have a cute little picture on top. 
Here are two 1st looks. One thing I have to say is for a small box, it is always full. 

Here are the products inside. 

There are also some coupons in there too. What do you think of this?


I got my POPSUGAR MUST HAVE box in the mail today, and I was so super excited about it! Last month was a dud, at least a lot of people thought that, so I was hoping this month was better! It sure was. We received 7 items in the box!

First look

Everything in the box. 
I could not get a good enough picture of the hat, but i love it! It is a Kooringal Gisele Mid Brim Hat. I got a grey one. I hate hats but love this! (27.99)
On every blog I have been on, this is the product they were most excited about. It actually came with a Beauty Blender too. Its a small pink sponge (shaped like a tear drop.) It is used my makeup artists, and applies makeup with ease. They also included this, the blender cleanser. It is lavender scented and it should take all of your makeup off. Super excited to try this! (35.00)

Pacifica Natural Color Quench Lip Tint: I love lip tint (way better than lipstick!) (9.00)

The Special extra-yum!

A New York Times Best Seller turned into conversation cards. These looks great! (13.45)

30.00 off any purchase to Charm and Chain. I’ll defintily check it out!

The Modern Margarita: Love this, and can not wait to use it at our next BBQ! (8.29)
This box was worth over 100.00 with the Gift card. I was so pleased with this one, and now I know why people LOVE POPSUGAR.
What did you think of this box?

Stork Stack: May Review

  Happy Anniversary Stork Stack. That was May’s theme! They sent our their “Anniversary Stack,” and i feel like i was the last one to get it (So i knew what we were getting already!!) I do like Stork Stack. I thought this was a bit…interesting for their Anniversary box, but it was cute.

-Child’s Play International: There was an old lady who swallowed the sea (5.99): We actually have a larger version of this book, but it is very cute! I use to read it to my class years back. 
– Rubbabu: Gran em Mascot Car (11.95): This car is actually really neat feeling!! Its like velvet. Its made from natural rubber foam. Molly had fun with it (for a few minutes anyway!)
-Mom Treat-Deep Steep Moisture Stick (5.95): I have not opened this but it seems pretty awesome for my purse. It hydrates your dry skin, and you can use it anywhere! Windburn, Sunburn, and other dry spots get the most use of this! 

-Stephen Joseph Baby Bank (4.99): I have to say, I love this! Molly’s room is all owls so it totally matches!! 
-North American Bear Co. Two-Dees Animals (16.00): This stuffed animal is actually cute. At first I  kind of thought it was odd looking, but the more Molly plays with it, the more I think its cute! I also like that it is a cat! 
This box was worth: 44.88
I paid: 27.99
If you are interested in Stork Stack you can visit them HERE
If you use my referral code, you can save 10.00 off your first box!


Allure Summer Essentials Beauty Box

A few weeks ago before I cancelled almost all of my subscription boxes, I decided to splurge and purchase the Allure summer essentials beauty box. I was reading My Subscription Addiction and her blog said the sale started at 12:01 pm, and it sells out almost instantly. So i decided to try, and I got a box. For 39.99, you were to get over 250.00 worth of products. I was actually pretty excited about this, because I would never go out and buy these products for myself. Today I got the box, and let me just say how incredibly surprised I was that it was not only 12 pounds, but every product was FULL size, every product is something I will absolutely use, and it came with a coupon book!!!

Here’s the first look. The only thing I was annoyed with, about this box was the stupid packing peanuts. Those things get ALL over the place!! 

Second look: with most of the packing peanuts out! WOW!

The guide to what’s inside!! 
I honestly thought this picture wouldn’t be what you received it the box, but oh it was!!!
-Clear Scalp and hair beauty therapy Shampoo and Conditioner (5.49/5.49): Gives women stronger, more beautiful hair in 7 days. (I WILL be using this ASAP!)
Cetaphil Daily Facial Cleanser (18.94):removes surface oils, dirt, and makeup without over drying or irritating skin.
-Neutrogena Ultra Gentle Daily Cleanser(8.99): mild for the most sensitive skin but effective enough to gently remove 99% of dirt oil and makeup.
-Redken Extreme Anti-Snap leave in treatment(15.99): formulated with protein to fortify the cuticle, reduce breakage and minimize split ends. 
-Gkhair leave in spray (18.00): protects hair while moisturizing and repairing split ends, leaving a soft smooth finish.

-Nexxus youth renewal rejuvenating elixir (14.99) : lightweight leave in treatment helps rebuild hairs strength while making it look more youthful and vibrant. 
-Not your mother’s Beach babe texturing hair cream (6.19): gives you sexy, tousles waves with a matte finish for a real surfer girl look. 
-Tresemme platinum strength straightening heat protect spray (5.29): guards hair against the damaging effects of heat styling.
-NEUTROGENA micro mist sunless tanning spray (11.49)

-Pureology colour stylist supreme control maximum hold zero dulling hairspray (24.50): cares for color treated hair (woohoo!)
-Redken control addict 28 high control hairspray (18.99): will keep your style for 24 hours. No visible flaking, fast drying and easily brush able. 
-Suave professionals Moroccan infusion styling oil (6.99): conditions without weighing down hair, while smoothing for a long lasting silky shine. 

-Neutrogena Oil free moisture SPF 15 (11.99): moisturizer free of alcohol, fragrance, dyes, and oils.
-Dickinson’s original witch hazel oil controlling towelettes (8.99)
-Sally Hansen Zero Bump bikini spray (8.74): helps keep skin smooth and soft between shaving and waxing to reduce bumps, irritation and in grown hairs

-Simple kind to eyes, eye makeup remover pads (7.99): wont irritate or sting your eyes while removing eye makeup.
-Sally Hansen Salon manicure dry and go drops (9.20): dries any nail polish within 60 seconds
-Neutrogena revitalizing lip balm SPF 20 (9.99)
-BCBGMAXAZRIA Bon Chix (38.00): perfume

-Burts Bees Lip Gloss (8.99)
-Butter London nail polish (15.00)
-Pixi endless silky eye pen: eye liner (15.00)
-Sally Hansen complete salon manicure (7.99)
-Sation nail polish (5.00)
There was also a box of Tan Towels (24.99) but somehow I did not take a picture of this
I looked all of these up for comparable prices. On amazon, I got a total of 329.91! Holy Cow this was totally worth it!! I will absolutely be getting the next allure box that comes out!!