"Ice Pop Mommy…"

These are the words from my adorable 2 year old Molly. Its ALL I have been hearing all day long, “Ice Pop Mommy.” She takes one lick and she’s done, so I end up eating it! She also did not go to bed until 10:00 last night, but who wouldn’t love this face…
How is everyone on this Tuesday? It is super hot here in NY. Our first pretty hot day of the season (close to 80!) This morning we went to play with Lila and she got her see her “greyma” so she was happy!! Just wanted to do a little housekeeping….
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-Its getting close to the end of May, SO I’m getting my May’s favorite things post together! This month I had some good ones. Instead of separating kids & mommy, I’m going to put them together. Stay tuned!! 
Have a wonderful day!!

Mama Memoirs

I’m linking up today, with A Sorta Fairytale for Mama Memoirs. Every other Thursday, she will be having a link up, of anything to do with motherhood. I had to think long and hard before i wrote this, because there are a lot of things I would love to write or read about in parenting. I decided this is going to be today’s topic. Why did I choose to be a Stay at Home Mom.

This is a very hard question for some people. A ton of mothers go to work every day, have a social life, and spend a lot of time with their children (and they love it.) I tried this, and i decided it wasn’t for me. I will start from the beginning.

I got pregnant with Molly is May of 2010. It was a surprise (we were not planning it) but were so, totally excited. I experienced a miscarriage in December of 2008, and at that time we definitely were not ready to be parents. As horrible as this was, and I may be criticized for saying this, but it was a blessing in disguise. So at this point in our lives (2010) we were absolutely ready. I worked full time as a pre-school teacher, literally 2 minutes up the road from where we lived. In October of 2010, I started experiencing some complications (spotting, etc) and they put me on bed rest, so I had to go out of work on disability in November. I honestly hated being out of work. I did nothing all day and it was really tough. I decided that after I had Molly, I would take three months off and go back to work in April of 2011. I originally planned to take Molly with me three days a week (I worked in a daycare) and my sister would watch her two days a week. Of course when I had her everything changed.

How could I leave this little face in a Daycare. So i decided my sister would watch her full time, and when she got a little older i would bring her with me. I remember the day before I went back to work. I cried all day long. I called my mom sobbing that I couldn’t leave her, it was awful, but i went back and my sister watched her. 
When i went back i started experiencing a lot of depression and my doctor diagnosed me with post pardom. I did not want to fully tell anyone this because people get this really bad, and I did not want to make it look like I was just playing it up because I really wasn’t. I had some signs of it when she was first born, but it really hit when I returned to work. It was under control, but very difficult. At first I cut my hours back daily, so i wasn’t working 10 hours a day. Then I cut my days back (to three) and finally in June of 2011, I left completely, and this was the best decision of my life. 
I can not tell you how much I just love staying home with her. It took me and honestly is still taking me time to balance life. Cooking, cleaning, spending alone time, is really not easy sometimes, but I wouldn’t change it for the world. I am so glad I got to see her first step, her first smile, her first everything. I worked in daycare for so long, and got to see so many firsts of other kids (and feeling so horrible that their parents missed that) so it was worth it for me. 

I have nothing bad to say about working moms. I think they have a lot more strength then I have. I think that they are probably better at time management, and I’d like to go back to work some day for sure. For right now I am happy doing arts and crafts with Molly, going to the park with Molly, and getting to experience everything with her on a daily basis (and I am extremely lucky to be able to do this thanks to my wonderful husband.) 
Thanks for reading my Mama Memoirs, and I cant wait to write the next one ( and read everyone Else’s!)

Thank you!

I was not paid for this, I just wanted to tell you all how much I love The Honest Company (again!) Molly, has always had red Rosy cheeks since she was born. I just thought that’s how her skin was. As she got a little older (6-9 months) and started eating certain foods and drinking different things, I started to notice her cheeks getting a little worse. I took her off foods, put her back on foods, etc. and could never figure out why they were so bumpy and red. Her pediatrician told me these were specific bumps ( I completely forgot the name) and if I used a sugar scrub they should go away. Nothing worked, i tried sugar scrubs, Aquaphor, Cetaphil, anything you could think of!! A few months ago I heard of The Honest Company and decided to give it a try. I noticed a difference right away. I can not believe how much her face has cleared up since using their products.  

This photo is her progression. The first photo is three months ago, second is two months ago, and last is this month. I just wanted everyone to see what these wonderful products did!! Thank you Honest Company!!

If you would like to try the Honest Company click here: The Honest Company
You can sign up for a discovery kit for 5 dollars with 5 samples & and trial size diaper bundle!
You can also get your first bundle for 40% off using code: PLUMDISTRICT40 OR use code HONEST10 for 10.00 off your purchase.

A few of my favorite things April: Kids edition!

This morning I posted a favorite things Mommy edition, so i figured I would do a Kids one too! I think this may really be a Molly edition, but I’m hoping maybe some of you will try a new product or two! This is stuff we love, and its totally okay if you don’t love it too, I just know I love to read these types of posts!!

1) Packin’SMART Keepaa from Innobaby:We got this in our April Citrus Lane box! I love this thing! When we do have juice boxes, it usually ends up on the floor because she squeezes too hard! This really helps!!
2) GoGoSqueeze: We have always been a huge fan, but for some reason this month, Molly has loved these more than ever!! So easy for on the go!!
3) Popchips: I just love popchips!! 

4) This was just a fun collage I wanted to put in, because this is my favorite things kids edition. Of course my favorite thing this month is our new play set! This baby is going to get tons of use!!

5) Skip hop backpack: Molly Loves this thing! Its our new go to bag when we are out for the day. I think she just enjoys it because its hers!!
6) Skip hop drink bottle: I got this in my Citrus Lane box this month also. I love that it matches Molly’s backpack!!

7) Honest Company conditioning mist: My child hates, hates putting her hair up. So of course, it gets in her face and her hands are touching it and it gets tangled. A little squirt of this seriously helps!!! 
8) The Honest Company lip balm: I haven’t received this in my bundle yet, but I got a sample in a box i got this month (Glossy??) Love it! I cant wait to order the three set!
9) Old navy outfit: I had to add this! I have started working out and i can not wait to put molly in this so she can “work out” with me (or watch me or play!!)
Hope you enjoyed! I hope to do this every month for now on! Have a wonderful night!