FREE Products from Grove Collaborative (with Purchase!)

Grove Collaborative is one of my favorite companies! Not only can you Shop online, there’s thousands of natural products on their site (including their own brand) and incredibly quick shipping!

I am a frequent viewer of Hip2Save for deals, and saw this on their site and wanted to share!!

For a limited time, Grove Collaborative is offering up a deal for a FREE Mrs. Meyer’s cleaning supplies bundle! This bundle valued at $35 is shipped with your first order of $20 or more.

The free cleaning bundle includes:

  • Mrs. Meyer’s Dish Soap 16oz ($5.30)
  • Mrs. Meyer’s Multi-Surface Spray ($5.30)
  • Mrs. Meyer’s Hand Soap 12.5oz ($5.30)
  • Grove Walnut Scrubber Sponges- my favorite! ($3.95)
  • Grove Collaborative Cleaning Caddy ($14.95) – as seem above and available in several colors!
  • FREE Shipping & VIP Trial

You may also be able to add a FREE bonus gift to your order – just look for a popup box with this offer after claiming your FREE Mrs. Meyer’s Gift Set. I was offered a FREE Glass Cleaner Concentrate with Glass Spray Bottle. I was thrilled because this is one of my favorite products from grove. The silicon bottom is just my favorite! This bonus offer may vary and could possibly switch to another offer.

Grove Collaborative tray

Also, if you place an order of $39 or more, you MAY also have the option to add a FREE Grove Collaborative Stoneware Tray to your cart! I has this tray and love it! It’s so pretty!!

Go shop grove and let me know what you purchased below!!

*This post is NOT sponsored and they have no idea I am posting. I did see this first on Hip2Save! If you shop my link, I get a referral bonus of $10. I love Grove and love sharing! Great website, great costumer service and wonderful productS!!


My May Favorite Things!

I loved my April Favorite things so much, I decided to do my May favorite things!! I decided to do it all in one this month (Instead of separating them into mommy and kids.) I did not have many kids favorite things this month!! Maybe next month will be better on that end because it’ll start my summer time favorite things!! I can not believe its already the end of May. 

-Method Squirt & Mop wood floors: I LOVE this product! Mike actually got me some for Christmas (That may sound weird but I asked for a basket of cleaning supplies-haha) and I love it! It not only smells really good (Like almonds) but it works really well. I feel like my floors are really getting clean!
-Downy UnStoppables: I LOVE these. I have actually never really used any sort of scented detergent, but Mikes job gets his clothes really dirty. Not that this cleans them, but I feel like if it smells good its cleaner? haha!
-Choosing Glee: Yup, I’m not even ashamed to say it, I love this book. It is totally a teenage book, but I love Glee!! 
-These pink bins were 19 cents in Target! I’m not sure what I will use these for, but they will be used for something. 
-This popcorn is my absolute favorite ever. It was in one of the goodies co. boxes, and I found it at Target, and it was on Clearance (score!)
– Bees Lip Gloss: I LOVE this lip gloss. It super sheer, and It is not sticky. Love it! I think I got this is my Allure Summer Beauty box.
-Degree Deodorant: I had to add this. I usually use Dove, but I love this deodorant a thousand times more! I feel like I’m more protected. 
– Neutrogena oil free moisturizer: I have been putting this on, every morning and every night! Love it! I got this is my Allure Summer Beauty Box.
-Neutrogena ultra gentle daily cleanser: I use this every day in the shower. I also got this in my Allure Summer Beauty box. 
This is one of my only May Favorites for Kids. We had a slow month around here with kids items! Just trying to finish and use everything up! This is Pout-Pout fish. My mother in law bought this for Molly. She absolutely loves the books, its so adorable! It’s a kohls 5.00 deal! 
I’ll be back soon with my “Try it June!” Have a wonderful rest of May! 

A few of my favorite things April: Kids edition!

This morning I posted a favorite things Mommy edition, so i figured I would do a Kids one too! I think this may really be a Molly edition, but I’m hoping maybe some of you will try a new product or two! This is stuff we love, and its totally okay if you don’t love it too, I just know I love to read these types of posts!!

1) Packin’SMART Keepaa from Innobaby:We got this in our April Citrus Lane box! I love this thing! When we do have juice boxes, it usually ends up on the floor because she squeezes too hard! This really helps!!
2) GoGoSqueeze: We have always been a huge fan, but for some reason this month, Molly has loved these more than ever!! So easy for on the go!!
3) Popchips: I just love popchips!! 

4) This was just a fun collage I wanted to put in, because this is my favorite things kids edition. Of course my favorite thing this month is our new play set! This baby is going to get tons of use!!

5) Skip hop backpack: Molly Loves this thing! Its our new go to bag when we are out for the day. I think she just enjoys it because its hers!!
6) Skip hop drink bottle: I got this in my Citrus Lane box this month also. I love that it matches Molly’s backpack!!

7) Honest Company conditioning mist: My child hates, hates putting her hair up. So of course, it gets in her face and her hands are touching it and it gets tangled. A little squirt of this seriously helps!!! 
8) The Honest Company lip balm: I haven’t received this in my bundle yet, but I got a sample in a box i got this month (Glossy??) Love it! I cant wait to order the three set!
9) Old navy outfit: I had to add this! I have started working out and i can not wait to put molly in this so she can “work out” with me (or watch me or play!!)
Hope you enjoyed! I hope to do this every month for now on! Have a wonderful night!

A few of my favorite things: April (Mommy Edition)

I am so excited to be doing a favorites things: April post! First of all I can not believe we are in the last two days of the month. I know I say it often, but its just crazy to me! I have been lucky enough to be able to try a bunch of new items this month ( and some old) and I wanted to share them with you! I also, will be doing this again tomorrow but with Children’s items (and food!) So here goes!

1) Neutrogena revitalizing lip balm: I actually bought this at the beginning of the month in Target because I had read a review on it. I just got it in my Allure beauty box, and It should be in my Cravebox tomorrow, so I’m super excited I will be fully stocked. It is not a sheer color, it does leave color on your lips, but it absolutely makes your lips feel hydtrated. I dont wear much lipstick, but I do like the occasional lip gloss, or color and i feel some products make your lips dry and “crusty” feeling. This is just the perfect combination! 
2) Honest Company Sunscreen: I have stocked up on Honest Company products for the summer (including bug spray and bodywash) I really like this sunscreen! If you know me, you know i dislike sunscreen because it’s way too oily! I just can’t stand the way it feels. This is more like a dry lotion, and it blends in very nice. I reapplied Molly’s 4 times the other day, and mine twice and even after reapplying it felt the same way, it did not feel caked on! I will have to do another review of this after we go to the Cape this summer! 
3)Kai roll on perfume: I got this in my PopSugar Must Haves box in the beginning of April, and this is my favorite thing of the month by far! I absolutely love the smell of this!! You only need a little tiny bit on your wrists and it lasts all day long!
4) Tocca hand cream: I got this in my Birchbox home. I Love the scent and how soft it makes you hands feel! I’m not sure I have ever used a Tocca product, but I really enjoy this!

5) EkoBrew: This is a reusable filter for the Keurig, which is my favorite thing of all time (my Keurig that is.) I actually was thinking about asking for the Vue for Mothers Day! Is it any better?? Anyway, we have the old reusable cup, and every time you want to put in a single pod, you have to take the whole thing apart. This cup, you just stick right on in there without removing anything and it does its thing! Love it!
6) Pineapple Mango Candle from Bath and Body Works: This is by far one (not my absolute favorite but definitely one) of my favorite candles. It comes in a cute little mason jar and just smells amazing. It lasted pretty long too! 

Pink Pop Medallion, Best Buds, & Party Punch
7) These three, are my favorite Thirty-One patterns for the summer! I just love them! My favorite of the three is absolutely Best Buds! I love the color and the flowers. For any 31.00 you spend in May you can choose any thermal at 1/2 the price! 🙂
8) Last but not least…Real Housewives of Orange County: This is probably by far my favorite group of ladies. They are so mean, Caddy, Nasty, and I just love it!! I am nothing like this, but watching it makes me laugh, A.LOT! Did you watch last night? This is what I realized. I actually do like Lydia. She was telling Alexis like it was (that she was not being bullied, and that she understands why those girls don’t like her!!) I just don’t like Alexis. I still like Tamra but, I do think she has gotten kind of mean over the last few seasons! I have to watch the last 6 minutes in a little while! I just love it! 
I hope you enjoyed my “Mommy” favorite things for April! Stay tunes for some Children favorite things coming later today or tomorrow!!