Hooray Heroes Book Giveaway

Do you and your children absolutely love books? We do! We have a huge book collection and are still adding!

Hooray Studios, a young start-up company that creates personalized children’s books offers a variety of children’s books in which the main character of the book is a child. But not just any child – your child. You can name and choose the gender of the main character and design their overall appearance: you choose the hair color and style, skin tone, eye color and shape, and even add freckles or glasses.  There are as many possibilities as there are children in the whole world.

 At the moment, the Daddy Edition of “When Tonya Grows Up” is really trending and generating a good deal of hype. What is so special about this book is that the narrator of the book is Dad. Mothers and partners from all around the world are going crazy about it.

I can’t wait to review my book, but in the meantime head over to my Instagram page to enter to win one of your own!!

**Thank you to Hooray Studios for hosting this giveaway and sending me a book to review! This is not a sponsored post. **


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