ZURU OOSH:Cotton Candy Cuties

I have an 8 year old, and all the rage right now is slime and squishes! Much to my surprise a new product has come out from ZURU called Cotton Candy Cuties!

New Cotton Candy Cuties look so real and smell so good! This scented, squishy fun slime comes in four awesome colors and each contain a surprise Cutie inside! Collect all 6! You can

• Tear it, bounce it or stretch it into any shape you want! Adorable slow rise cutie included.

• Encourages creativity, self-expression and develops fine-motor skills.

• Perfect for arts and crafts and school projects.

• Available in 4 vibrant and fun colours all of which have delicious scents!

• Complies with International Testing Standards.

We ordered one from Amazon, at a higher price and it finally came today!!

The packaging is clean and vibrant!

When you remove the packaging, there’s another package inside that looks like the above. This fluffy slime is truly amazing. It’s super soft and stretches fantastic!! Love the color too!!

Inside the fluffy slime is another surprise. A squishy!! I mean what can be better then this!?!

The squishy comes in another package and it is super adorable!!

I am super impressed with this product! We love ZURU! My daughter loves it!


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