Tomorrow I will post my tentative schedule for the new year! I plan on posting 3-4 days a week, and I’m hoping to be real, honest, and enjoyable for all of you!Money is such a hard topic to approach. Some people are firm believers that money is a personal venture, and I absolutely agree- however sometimes I think when advice is needed, putting yourself out there is best.

I’m sure by now everyone had heard of Dave Ramsey. I feel like you have to be living under a rock if you haven’t. Has anyone done his program? My husband and I sat down to do some financing and it hit us hard… “How did we get here”? I borrowed the book The Total Money Makeover, read it in two days and I feel like it can be a HUGE game changer. Not only for my family but for so many. I will be tracking my experience here (of course, not with actual numbers), and would love for you all the take the journey with us. ANY advice, tips or tricks would be fabulous!

Let’s do this 2019… Here we come!


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