Thursday Thoughts

Thursday Thoughts 
Happy Fourth of July!! What are you all doing today? We are hanging at home and later on going to a friends house for a BBQ, and some fireworks!
Here’s some Thursday Thoughts for this week! 
~RHOC: Woohoo! I just love this show as I have said a billion times before on this blog! Tamra’s wedding dress was very pretty, and I thought everyone was well behaved (although I’m still extremely confused as to why Laurie was there!) I thought it was a bad timing to tell Vicki about Brooks, and so incredibly weird (and gross!) I don’t blame her for getting upset! I also think this Vicki gossip is just old. Get over it! What did you think of the episode? 
~So, this is probably the best news ever…but Molly is POTTY TRAINED! YES! She still is wearing a diaper to bed, but during the day shes completely trained. I love not having to buy a ton of diapers! So.Awesome!
~I have discovered Wantable this week, and I have to say I’m in love. I really am. I don’t wear a ton of makeup but I just love the products they sent me! Brandy from Mommysplurge and I are also having a huge Birthday Bash, so go on over HERE, and HERE to enter our giveaways! There will also be a few more to come, so stay Tuned!!
~As mentioned, my birthday is next week (the 10th) and my husband keeps asking what I want. So I told him I would make him a list today, but honestly I’m not totally sure! I want a sewing machine to teach myself how to sew, but I think i want to wait on that because Molly’s at a difficult stage right now so i don’t think I would use it like I would want. I think I may order a few more candles from BBW before the semi-annual ends. What else? Any suggestions on something I  NEED to try!??
I hope everyone has an awesome Fourth!! 

26 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts

  1. I sell some of my boys clothes in small lots on ebay. I always get a good $$ for them. It is crazy to me how much people will spend on their clothes. Good luck selling.Kim from


  2. Try selling the girl clothes! I know lots of people need them & need them for cheaper than what they can get at the store! Absolutely LOVE Glee! Wish we had tv at my house so we could watch it! Maybe I'll make my parents record it for me!


  3. I'm a fairly new (public) blogger too! I've always had a private blog because I always have my laptop, but never a journal! I have baby fever, too! I even confessed all about it last week on my blog! LOL Hope you feel better soon!Stopping by from the link-up!


  4. Your UPS dude is whack.After E's speech therapy and lunch I think we'll get in the vehicle (double stroller 😉 and go to Target. Thursday after Easter seems like the perfect day for clearance!


  5. New follower from the linkup! Not sure what kind of books you like to read, but anything by Emily Giffin is really good, I've read alot of hers!


  6. That's a great picture!!!And I really like Lydia too. She's much more level headed than the rest of those girls. Do you think what that chick was saying about Vicki is true??


  7. Yes. You need more candles. I debated this with myself too. and bought more candles. 😀 don't forget coupons!!Where do you stay in Cape Cod? It really needs to start warming up here!!


  8. Always get more candles. In fact, I should buy some today as well!!&I agree, Brooks disgusts me!! I don't find the stories about him sleeping with other women and prostitutes hard to believe at all. Yuck!I just found your blog via the link-up! check mine out too, if you'd like. :)Brittany


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