Love With Food May Review

I just love, Love With Food! I really always love their boxes, and enjoy the selection they put into it! It also amazes me how they fit their products into that small box! I wish I could fit this much stuff into a box!

This months theme was Mother’s Day Breakfast in Bed! How perfect that I received this today, since tomorrow is Mother’s day!
Here’s what was inside!! 
-Authentix Almond Biscotti from Biscotti Bari
-Latte Candy from Bali’s Best
-Tomato Crunch from Snapz Crisps
-Original Cajan Seasoning from “Slap ya Mama”
-Hand Drip Coffee from Coffee Borsa 
-Strawberry preserves from Bonne Maman
-Great Full cookie from The Cookie Department Ink. 
I haven’t tried anything yet, but everything looks delicious! 
If you are interested check it out here: Love With Food

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