Fancy Friday

Hi everyone & Happy Friday! How do you like my new blog!? Isn’t it amazing! 
Today I’m linking up with one of my favorite sites Mommy Splurge for Fancy Friday! 
This week I “Fancy”…
-My new blog! Yes I am so excited about this!! I just LOVE my header!!
-Disney world: I would love to be there right now! My mother in law is there with my sister in law and kids. I’m totally jealous, not only of the weather but I just LOVE it there!
-The Big Bang Theory: I have to catch up on this show, but OMG it is hilarious. ALL.THE.TIME! What other shows am i missing out on!?!?

One thought on “Fancy Friday

  1. Thanks for linking up!!! I love the new look! It's darling! I love everything you fancy this week! I watched an episode of Big Bang 2 nights ago. I'm way behind but I have a Tivo and I'm not afraid to use it.I don't watch very many comedies. I like the dark stuff mostly, but ❤ BBT.BrandyMommySplurge


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