Hello All! Welcome to my first blog, The Adventures of The Pidala family Five! Are you pregnant!? That’s the first question people will ask. The answer to that is NO. I just like to include Cody and Izzy in our crazy life! Cody is our Golden Retriever (who is five and still acts like he is 6 months old. Hyper is not even the word for it!) Izzy is our Kitten! We rescued her under a dumpster while moving into our new apartment six months ago, and the rest is history!

I decided to start a blog to document our crazy life, but also to review some fun products I have been finding lately! I have been married for five years, and we have a beautiful, amazing daughter, Molly! She is two years old! I am newly obsessed with subscription boxes, and while this is not a new, I am overly obsessed with Target!!

I recently started following a few blogs (which i read daily..sometimes three times a day,) and I realized there are so many interesting and amazing products I’d like to try!! Thank you for coming along on this journey with me, I cant wait to share my life with you!!


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